It works at this rate when connected to a real serial port. I have been trying to find a solution to my issues with links Thank you so much. The power adapter appears to enable longer cabling runs. RS, something tells me I should take up drinking coffee. The iSis has advantages over the i1 in terms of measurement performance.

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Once the count exists how can the macro automatically add an ‘ a ‘ to the 2nd Iteration, a ‘ b ‘ for the 3rd, a ‘ c ‘ for the 4th and so on RS, something tells me I should take up drinking coffee.

They have a cable that should be just rongle the adapter you linked to needs. Sure as heck beats manually dragging an i1 Pro by hand. So I have the Atkinson domgle on 1 page.

Quote The DB25 to isocraw din powered adapter is required to run the Lino by itself. Spectral data were reported in finer intervals as with the new Swing. I just need to put this tag into my content through java code. Also, the Spectrolino could only be used when driven through the Spectroscan table.

It seems to be working just fine, it’s just not in the right place. Thank you in advance. When I do a Object info it still shows in the name. What are the rules on what a target can be?


The location for the event will be either London or Berlin, your feedback vote to help us determine the best location for all would be most welcome! The rest is user error.

I have been trying to find a solution to my issues with links Thanks for the driver info. Below Image is screenshot of my arbortext editor.

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Not able to get window handler and could not able go further for addition of AP tag. Wrap text in a rotated cell.

Not a big deal. I have a Loop, it selects all elements based on the criteria, IF Statements proof the elements based on dongke number of digits and if the element isDigit or not some Hotspot contain a letter, eg.

Need macro for IsoDraw to match manual text edit. I’ve been playing around with the i1 Pro and I’m not sure if what I’ve run into is a limitation of software or hardware I suspect it’s actually a little bit of both but shadow detail is one are I’m particular picky about and I haven’t been able to build a profile yet that really makes me happy. It works at this rate when connected to a real serial port. Please register for this upcoming webinar using this link: How do I create the possibility to record the count for every hotspot that is used?


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The measurement head, however, is an i1. In no small part this is because the iSis uses X-Y positioning to control location instead of expending the majority of its measurement cycles determining when it is safely over a patch rather than spanning two patches.

One that perhaps has a higher data rate??? Hand-held spot measurements and monitor measuring were possible as long as the Lino was cabled through the Scan base. We tried siodraw through cables from both DB9 and DB25 serial ports as well as null modem connectors. Why does Selecting elements not stick in Arbortext editor 6.

Anyone tried got some tips? And also give me a sample job file, thanks a lot.

Having the full filter set allows you to measure a wider variety of substrates than other instruments as well.